Here's What Wake Up Healthy Is All About

If you hate the idea of aging, then you're in the right place.

I'm by two questions...​

  1. How do we stay energetic, vibrant, and healthy into old age
  2. How do we make that vitality count by using it to pursue purpose, happiness, & joy.

My mission is to help you live as healthy as possible, for as long as possible so that you can live a truly AWESOME life! 

You see, I believe that to master our health, we must master our lives. We simply can't make healthy choices when we're stressed out of our minds, sleep deprived, chronically fatigued or unfulfilled.

So, my goal isn't just to help you live longer, but to help you squeeze every ounce of joy that life has to offer. 

How am I going to help you do that?

I'm going to demand a new standard for your life...

We're going to learn to eat, move, and live in such a way that makes everyone around you ask, "What magic potion are you drinking?" 

We're going to discover your "ikegi", a term used by one of the longest-lived populations on earth to describe your "reason to get up in the morning".

We'll discover ways to be more productive, happy, relaxed, joyous, and...just AWESOME! 

We'll discuss what prescription drugs can and can't do....hint, they can't make you healthy.

Drugs can cover up symptoms, they can dull your aches and pains, they can even destroy unwanted organisms, but they CAN'T make you younger and they can't make you feel amazing!