Episode 2: The 10 Principles Of Healthy Living

The truth is, there’s a lot of information out about how to get and stay healthy, but the sad truth is MOST of that information isn’t good or useful. Some of it is just plain dangerous. During this episode, you’ll learn the core principles to help you to filter health information to decide if it … Read more

Episode 1: The NEW Definition of Health & The 4 Questions

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During this exciting episode of Wake Up Healthy, we redefine health and I introduce you to the four questions that you MUST ask anytime you’re evaluating a treatment for any disease. These four questions apply whether you are evaluating a medicine, surgery or natural treatment plan. During this episode, you’ll begin to get a grasp … Read more

DHEA Benefits And Risks – What Is DHEA And Does It Slow Aging?

One key hallmark of aging is a steady decline in the production of various hormones within the body.This can have a devastating effect on your health and result in accelerated aging! This decline in hormone production use to be viewed as an effect of aging, it is now known that the decline in hormones plays an … Read more